Time for a Nap

learn to recognize your lizard in case he goes walkabout

Sadly, there were no takers in the ” I Wanna Be A Lizard” sweepstakes.  So I resorted to nature and we now have a completed painting to add to the body of work that will eventually, hopefully,  be an interesting and engaging show.  Putting all the paintings together   ( except for the Quan Yin painting currently in a show at the Puka Gallery ) has been most useful as it helped me feel where to go and what images to use to round out this series. As it turns out I will have just about an equal amount of paintings from the East Side of Kauai and the West Side and so of course the show must be titled ” East Side, West Side- Images of Kauai. I am shooting for  a total of  twelve paintings by September.

Odalisque #2 , The Toad,  is next.  It’s a great study of one of our local bufos hanging out on a lily pad in  the water gardens on the Sanctuary.  I can’t quite figure out if he is just tired of swimming around or feeling amorous with the lily pad or if it is just the right amount of sun and water and support for a blissful toad nap.  Methinks the latter. Time for a nap.

I’ll run the Lizard down to Hanapepe tonight  to show him off to a few friends and schmooze a bit.  I didn’t ask but I don’t think he is old enough drive, so…..  Every Friday night, they have  their “Art Walk” night in Hanapepe and I went for the first time last month. It was very lively, festive and obviously enjoyed by tourists and locals alike.  All the galleries have their doors open, wine flows freely, the food vending truck contingency is out in force ( I satisfactorily dined at the Silver Elephant Thai Restaraunt on wheels), there’s always live music somewhere to be found, and  sometimes the gods of great sunsets provide a killer show free of charge.  In my wanderings last time I happened into a gallery that was home to a Maine Coon cat.  Not one of the 25 pounders but good size and a very cool cat. She came up to say hi and so we had a good exchange of hellos and rubs as the world turned outside the gallery doors in what was, for that evening,  a not so sleepy Hananpepe.  She didn’t get any of my leftover spring rolls though. Maybe next time.

A pleasant and safe weekend to all……..

Thanks for taking some LIP from me,



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