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this could be you......

Odalisque # 1, The Lizard,  is odalisquing down the homestretch. It has been a most satisfying project to paint and I eagerly   look forward to the next two in the series.   And no, the lizard is not the rare Kauai Albino Orchard Lizard. It is the ” I lost my eye glasses while throwing  away green waste in the jungle so I am not done yet Lizard”- an even more rare variety which I hope to never encounter again. Try painting with a four year old prescription spare pair of  glasses. Whew.  But artists must suffer for their work and so Mr. Lizard will be still soon be done.  No kidding, we did a huge amount of tree trimming last week on the Sanctuary and whilst tossing branches into the jungle, part of a branch caught under a corner of my glasses and with a mighty heave I was rendered  into a rather blurry condition without the pleasure of intoxicants.  No luck in finding them so far. Some tricky jungle spirit is having a good laugh, walking around with a pair of trifocals.

A  visit to the IDOC  is done, new prescription in hand, and thanks to Costco I can actually afford some new glasses. I would like  to give the business to my optomologist, but man they want sooooo much for a new pair of glasses I don’t even feel comfortable in whining about it on the net. Let me say though, with exquisitely  poor vision  my lenses are challenging-ergo, expensive.

Even glasses at Costco are a big unexpected expense to a renunciate type so I have cooked up a simple way to raise some extra money……  See Mr Lizard in the above photo?  Wouldn’t you like to be him (or her), basking in the sun, nose in a beautiful orchid on the paradisiacal Island of Kauai???   Well you can!!  Just send  a color photo of yourself in proper odalisque form, along with $ 27.00 and I will send you a photo. But not just any photograph!  I will photo shop your face onto the completed  Mr. ( or Ms. ) Lizard so you can lose yourself in orchid contemplation when things are  hair pulling crazy-hectic as they  can only be on the mainland.  Simply frame your  own personal lizard avatar and put it on your desk, or even make convenient wallet size photos and carry one with you!  In an easeful calming glance,  the sound of waves, the balmy ocean air and the bliss of Hawiaain orchids  are yours! At a cost far less than a plane ticket…….AND!!!  For a limited time only, I will even paint  your very own face on Mr (or Ms.) Lizard, but boy,  it will cost you a lot of green waste so  just send a blank, signed check and we’ll work out the details  later.

In the meantime I am off to do a few odd jobs as insurance.

Thanks for taking some LIP from me.


P.S.  If  you click on the photo it enlarges  nicely for better  viewing pleasure.


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