Photos of the Na Pali Coast

Friends kow when to say when.  Since I have been blabbing at you all a lot lately, it seemed a good idea and a nice change to share energy photographically instead of verbally.

I  just sent off a bunch of photos to a friend on the mainland on a different subject and ran across this folder in the process. Here are some photos from a hike awhile back on the Na Pali coast trial of Kauai.  It was January actually and if you want, you could look at the LIP about that hike in the archives section ( January Archives–Klik, Klak, and the Na Pali Coast) . The archives widget is under the LIP heading on the home page.

Hope you enjoy them.

just up from the trailhead

My in-defatigueable hiking partner, Mr. C. Nauman

After hiking along for while ( about a mile and a half) in an up an down fashion you run across the following unique sign, well above the shoreline. (like 100 foot plus) You scratch your head upon reading it, wondering if a Tsunami really could get up that high. The end result of such pondering is that you don’t really want to know.

Below the sign, the trail leads into a beach that is not recommended for water sports

Most people take a break here then turn around and head  back to the trailhead and “civilization”.

creative photography taking by Mr. Nauman

Now go take a hike.

Thanks for taking some LIP from me,



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