Lizards On the Brain

"Odalisque # 1- The Lizard" progress photo

An old friend got in touch with me several weeks ago. Facebook does indeed offer a way to reconnect with people.

As long as they are not rabid debt collectors that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  It’s humorous he did so as I had just started the Lizard painting above. ( you can see the lizard’s head to be just below the large spider orchid to be.)  I remembered a  a phrase my friend  once coined to explain away a bad mood without being dramatic about it.  ” Aw, it’s just lizards on the brain”, he said.  A good as reason as any to be grumpy without any discernible reason for it.

Uh,  I do  have lizards on the brain…. and a dragonfly……and a toad. And I am not grumpy nor going thru any serious withdrawals of any kind.  But from where ever ideas come from, the idea to do a mini series of relaxing Kauai residents of the non-human variety came forward. I have to call it the Odalisque series. Classical paintings of the same name are generally of a reclining nude, at ease in the body and rested in her feminine being. Often there is someone with her playing a stringed instrument.   Ipods weren’t around then, I guess.

"Odalisque"- Mariano Fortuny

Although I haven’t a clue whether my models are male or female, they all are resting in their environment, completely at ease and sending us the clear message it is okay to not function all the time.

Very good message. In fact one could say it is highly recommended and medicinal and nourishing and it doesn’t have to cost anything, and  “this could be you”  and on and on.

What ever one could say, hopefully it won’t be said when looking at the paintings,  ” Boy, he was sure  grumpy when he painted those.”

Thanks for taking some LIP from me,



One thought on “Lizards On the Brain

  1. heh… just dropped in to do some reading here today and saw this. I still have a birthday card from you from 1977 with a smiling and colorful lizard on it! And I remember Howard Belinsky incessantly referring to any negative emo as “lizzids”.

    And I remember a trip to Yosemite in an old blue Chevy with three flat tires in one day and an exasperated fellow in the back seat with glasses mimicking the rally-cry of the day: “let’s stop here!”

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