Embracing Opposites

Caution- night work ahead

Cats and dogs were everywhere to be found yesterday as the Hawaiian skies opened up and it just poured.  As the old saying goes, it rained cats and dogs. Just why cats and dogs instead of pearls and swine  or Jacks and Jills I have not a clue. Please write soon if anyone out there knows.

Regardless of etymological ignorance, I took advantage of the deluge, and enjoyed a guilt free day in front of the easel, working on “Odalisque # 1- The Lizard”.  It  is rare to get in a full eight-hour day of painting and that certainly established momentum, so I have continued on  tonight, in the good company of Keith Jarret and friends.

Notice if you will, the phrases above- “cats and dogs”, “pearls and swine”, etc. – opposites.

The other night I was lying awake around midnight, having been rudely awakened by  dive bombing insects. In  the aftermath,  sleep was not readily returning.  There, in the stillness of no distraction, I suddenly became very aware of my breath…..in-out…..in-out……in-out.  It was pleasurable to feel it, to be it, to witness its happening.  Suddenly it struck me that breath,  which is the foundation of our very living,  is  completely an action of opposites. First inward, then the opposite- outward.  It goes on and on until it stops upon our exit from here.  We live as a result of the activity of opposites.  There is nothing that exists without an opposite. It is impossible. And so it begs the question, are opposites really separate things?  Yes, things happens that seem to be diametrically opposed, but does that make them a separate activity?  I guess what I am trying to get at is that since they are part of the same inescapable equation, opposites are  the way things work. They  are the whole. Not a better or a  worse.  When seen as the way things mechanically work  in this realm of light made dense, they are not good or bad, one side or the other- they are simply part of the ceaseless flow of happening. Then the reaction to avoid what is perceived as uncomfortable or undesirable or bad weakens,  gets flabby, and the movement to grasp and hold onto to what is conceived as pleasurable or desireable similarly loosens. Thus allowing for equanimity and free attention to naturally manifest since  nature  inherently moves to be in balance.  Where we get into a ton of trouble is in the knee jerk reactions to what initially feels like something to protect ourselves from or to get for ourselves and hold onto it..

Maybe its better to walk up to opposite and give it a big embrace. Not a popular modus operandi, but it  feels more circular than angular so perhaps things will roll along better. At least it will be more interesting.

Thanks for taking some LIP from me,



One thought on “Embracing Opposites

  1. Bruce-O… just shared a similar message with massage class this morning, by way of Tonglen/Pema Chodron and Ho’oponopono/Dr. Joe. And yes, I made sure to mention our Teacher’s consideration of seeking. Well done!

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