Henryk and Me

And a good evening to oh so many friends who I should be directly writing at this very moment but instead am taking the universal blessing approach by waving to all from afar. That’s me with the paint smeared hands and somewhat bleary eyes.

The evenings of late have been taken up with easel time and the Cane Mill painting. That and Henryk Gorecki’s Symphony # 3 which without a doubt is the most sublime music ever written. If you are alive and have not heard this music you must do so before you take your leave of this yellow- red realm.  It is  completely heartbreaking and transcendent at the same time. Words cannot do it justice.

The days are filled with the  larger canvas of the never ending roof project as well as ducking inside when it rains to paint a friends house prior to them moving over from Los Angeles. It’s food money, don’t knock it.  I just don’t get it, though. Why would anyone want to move from L.A. to Kauai?

Okay-your answer goes here: ___________________________________________________!!!!!

The best answer wins  an email of the web link to the Santa Monica Freeway Cam. Hurry, send in your answer today!

Other daytimes adventures  have included seeing several of my paintings in the Hanapepe Orchid and Art Festival, where although I did not win a thing, a sense of accomplishment was felt by making it onto the trophy wall next to the the winner of the juried award,  a very good painting of Hanalei Bay. It really was well done and great colorwork. I was happy to see though that the Aloha Theater painting of mine held it’s own on the wall, and had just as strong a presence. Heard through the grapevine that several gallery professionals discretely offered their opinion that I should have won but what the heck, a good time was had by all. Especially by  the locals enjoying the cuisine at Monster Taco’s catering truck.

As far as I was concerned the highlight of the whole festival was  an outrageously orange, pristine 1971 240 Z convertible, compliments of the Kauai Classic Car Club which had their automobile art parked in various groupings around town.

One other  news-bite is that  Puka Boutique and Gallery  in Hanapepe  is expanding and opening another gallery . This one to be at Poipu in  the new, high end shopping center. The mall is well done. It will enjoy a lot of foot traffic as time goes by and Puka has a  good location within the mall. There is  a good chance we will come to an agreement in the next couple of weeks and they will offer my originals there. That would be a huge change in the time space continuum of the  universe. Well, for me anyway.  I’ll let the world know how that develops.

Now, a sweet  goodnight to all. Let me say, like Henryk Gorecki, my heart breaks with the conditional nature of this place, it’s beauty and trauma, yet at the same time it is touched to overflowing with the Blessing of That which is not other and is Only……..so, even though I may be waving to you, my friends, from what seems to be distance ,  my love is immediate and the heart knows no boundaries.

Thanks for taking some LIP from me,


"It All Started Here" -down the homestretch, couple more days.


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