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Hello Friends,

A good Thursday evening to everyone.

Just thought I would share several links to those who want to explore some new talent.

The first link is musical. My good and valued friend Aaron Nakagawa, the famous Hawaiian air guitarist on the roof, has collaborated with a fine Australian singer songwriter, Simon Evans on a ten song album that can be heard at  It’s quiet, thoughtful, melodic and raw. They are a good fit. Simon comes from the heart. He knows how to keep it sparse and makes it full. Aaron, extremely talented in his understated manner, is gifted at complimenting those he work with, his own skills of timing and musical phrasing weaving into collaborations to bring both a sweetness and a completing strength to the music. Several of my favorites – “Candle Song” and “In Me”.

If you like what they are doing and just have to take it home tonight you can:

Another get to know person is Jessica Davenport, an architect and designer who doesn’t want to design in a box and so is thinking out side of it. She has entered one of her designs in an online competition that is currently at play at For those of you who like architecture, space farming, and working with your environment, this is a fun site to wander through. Lots of ideas to digest from many entries of all shapes, sizes and concepts.

Jessica’s entry into the competition is at:

If you like it and feel moved to vote for her in the competition, just klick away in the space provided.
After all, I am sure we will be voting in our political elections online at some point in the future.
This is a good practice and as I mentioned, a great time with ideas and applications.

Thanks for sharing.

Goodnight all,


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