On The Roof of The World

air guitar- Nakagawa style

Some of you may be wondering where I have been as there seems to have been no Life In Progress.

I can humorously see though, by checking the LIP stats there hasn’t been enough of you wondering about that thorny issue to call out the dogs. Although it comes as a shock to me I’m not the center of the universe, I must thank you all for the revelation. Better to get this lesson now before it becomes deeply engrained in Me.

No LIP has manifested over the last few weeks as Aaron and I have been doing a rather major roof project on the Sanctuary, repairing failed seams, wayward shingles, non draining drainage areas, and then applying far too many coats of a roof sealing, protective/reflective paint over 6400 square feet.

The end of the day is just that. Not a lot of juice left over for neurons to collide together and manifest a synapse, thus providing an electric alleyway for creative charges to flow through to be written down and shared with the rest of the world. Instead, yoga with an ibuprofen chaser is my best friend. During the day the Ipod is my main squeeze, providing spoken Dharma and music for audio companionship.

Thankfully though, we are stumbling down the roofular homestretch, our fortunes linked to cooperative weather patterns. It has been sporadically raining and consequently we have been taking the time to catch up on other projects.

One extracurricular art project coming up at the end of this month is the Hanapepe Orchid and Art Festival. Hey- we take our orchids seriously on Kauai…… Art may just be a distant second. On the art side of life however, there is a juried show for this years event and I will be taking down several paintings to enter. There is a $500 prize, for best in show and I do have enough synapses firing to dream of some peer recognition and extra cash. Regardless, I will certainly get to check out some dynamite orchids and see what the other island artists are up to with their brushes and canvas and interpretations of Kauai Island.

But right this minute the sun is shining so as I study the tea leaves at the bottom of my five gallon pail, I see a bright roof in my future, white and shiny, nestled below Waialele, Kauai’s Sacred Mountain.

thanks for taking some LIP from me,


One thought on “On The Roof of The World

  1. Well the both of you are saints with a capital S !!!! Good on you both for getting that roof sealed.. A monumental job….!
    and probably the most critical physical task around a sanctuary that I know of……
    Love to you ….

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