Compassion With An Edge

This is one of the most nuts and bolts description of compassion I have encountered. It puts my idealism to the test. It is humbling. That’s a good thing for this hermit like character. So for all of us with a pulse, read on.

” There is nothing that anyone does or has done that gives you a right to dissociate from that person or to deny yourself the quality of sympathy and compassion relative to that person.

Through the play of your life, you must demonstrate the taking on of the suffering of everybody, the conditions of everybody. You must maintain your sympathy.

You must be free of this tendency to separate from others.

You are all part of the same picture. There is no individual karma, ultimately. You must transcend not only your own apparently individual destiny and tendencies, you must overcome it in the form of all others.

This is the meaning of compassion and love. This is what Enlightenment expresses.

There is no private karma, there is no personal righteousness. All are involved in the same Reality.”

-Adi Da Samraj.

Adi Da Samraj


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