Pass the Practicals, Please

LIke our old friend Sisyphus, it has been a time of pushing practical stones up the hill only to find more at the bottom waiting for another round of the exercise called life maintenance. This is good as it seemed like the accomplishment pipeline was clogged for awhile, so although it is not glamourous it is what we do.

Life goes on while life goes on. If I can breathe consciously, remember I am not the one who is living me now and practice aloha while driving, I consider those small victories in the over- arching practice of vulnerability and balance.

I could get more profound, wax eloquently about conditional existence, the binding nature of point of view, and the sorrows of Mother Guppy eating her own in this realm of natural disasters and wars, but the fact of the matter is, there are countless trailer loads of green waste to remove from a lot of tree trimming, the mobile mechanic is coming to repair a ruptured brake line on the Sanctuary truck, gotta go to town to pick up parts for my personal vehicle and on and on.

So I will let the eloquence rest in the department of good ideas ( next to the good intentions of working on the Sugar Cane Mill painting), call the mechanic to find out his ETA and get back to the tree limbs looking for a new home. All while remembering to stay hydrated of course. Sigh….. so practical.

Thanks for taking some LIP from me.


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