Mikioi! The Website has landed!

And the Oscar for best upgraded website goes to......

Mikioi is Hawiian for “excellent work”. And as many of us know, “mahalo” means thank you.

Those words are in the right place at the right time as I want to thank my friends, Dorothy Hall and Aaron Nakagawa for their great energy, humour, and creativity in producing and polishing my website. It is complete, although not without its imperfections. Only the Art Gods are perfect and we mere mortals cannot afford to offend the Art Gods, so we throw in some imperfection for humility’s sake. That is a five dollar sentence for we’re too damn tired to fix anything else, so we all gotta live with it.

The link for the site is just under the heading of the LIP. You can go back and forth from Site to LIP. LIP to Site, Site to LIP……This is very good to know for those of you who are on vacation and are seriously bored with everything around you or have just gotten home, brain dead from the work day from hell. Regardless of how you have stumbled upon these electronic nuggets, I hope you will find some aesthetic pleasure and enjoyment as you take in the paintings or words or videos.

Thanks for taking some LIP from me,


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