Klik, Klak, and the Na Pali Coast

Klik and Klak

Klik and Klak are Sun Conures. One might mistake them for avid Green Bay Packer fans, given their orange-yellow and green plumage, but they play no favorites in the NFL.

Klik and Klak know two speeds. Quiet and loud. Really loud. So loud in fact, it would put any Cheesehead to shame.

They were quite cute the other morning as I snuck into their Conure Condo on the Sanctuary to feed them just as the sun was coming up.
It was cold, they were cuddled together in their fleece camper shell and simply voiced some chortling to let me know they were as affectionate as ever but I was nuts if I expected them to get out of bed so early.

Normally their breakfast is served an hour or so after the sun comes up but I wanted to get an early start on the day as it was time to play hooky. A rare occasion in the life of an overly responsible fellow such as myself. Taurus rising after all.

It has been a dry winter, outside of the deluge we experienced a couple of months ago, and it was a perfect day to take a hike on the Na Pali coast with a visiting friend.

So off we went and got to the trail head on the legendary North Shore of Kauai, arriving at a decent hour.

The ancient Hawaiians used this trail as the only way into the interior valleys they inhabited. And after hiking a portion of the trail they earned my complete respect. What a royal pain in the ass of a trail. Beautiful— way beautiful, as the botanical garden covered mountains sheer into an aquatic world of relentless waves. Land, sky and water all joined together to take away your mind. But really you don’t have much mind because it takes so much energy to go up the trail, down the trail, big steps, slippery steps, tree roots, a drop off here and there, and oh did I tell you it was a dry day so it was perfect hiking? Man, the Ancients most definitely did not run down to Blockbusters to rent a movie at the drop of a hat. I can just see it…… “Kimo, Honey….would you go down to cousin Anuhea’s and borrow a cup of taro flour?….. It’s only ten miles and it’s just a light drizzle. If you really loved me you would do it.” Kimo the bachelor made the right decision I want to tell you.

Lotsa people taking the Ancient’s path. All sorts and types and it is wonderful that it is still possible to do so. From serious hikers, to casual strollers, hiking boots to bare feet, barely moving to one gal running at a dog trot wearing a skimpy bikini and looking like a South American distance runner. I was happy for her there were no mosquitoes out.

If you visit Kauai, definitely check it out. Pace yourself or don’t, but whatever you do, bring your ibuprofen. I believe the Hawaiian word for that is hoʻokāpuhi, which translates to “wise”.

Thanks for taking some lip from me,

Czopek was here......


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