The New Years Free Association Game

Ten sessions of Rolfing are completed just in time for the New Year to start. I “graduated” a few days ago, noticeably straighter in posture, more aware of certain linkages in the muscular information highway, and able to hold my own in any La Maz class after serious resort to deep breathing and only occasional screaming. Well, no screaming actually, but all I can say is- beware session seven. Your life will never be the same.

Now the body remembers mo betta what it is like to let gravity do much of the work of keeping itself straight. Maybe next up is my guest appearance on the dance reality show my friends religiously gather for. Dance TV I call it. Think dance and American Idol combined and you’ve got it. Some impressive stuff goes on there I am told. However, I will let my impressive moves be reserved for the neighborhood as I go for daily walks, the Ida Rolf way- Fred “Kapaa” Astaire in flip flops.

And now we are walking into the New Year. Last year is last year and not a moment too soon, thank you very much. There are only so many lessons one can have impressed on the body mind during the course of 365 days and nights.

There are a few moments I would like back in order to redo, but regrets are constipating, ergo not worth visiting. Better to fall forward into the New Year, too young and innocent to harbor regrets.

What do you want from your new year? I don’t think that is too much to ponder. I however draw the line at resolutions which are only a few consonants and vowels away from regrets when they don’t manifest.

However, in the spirit of the New Year, and like a dog, riveted on his owners dinner plate, I am ever hopeful the universe will grant morsels of satisfying growth and self understanding and happiness. Not just for myself but for our global village.

So I ask again, what do you want from your new year? No need to write me unless you simply have to. There is something to say for intention though and one can’t make use of intention unless there is some direction for it to be applied to. So feel it out and don’t let your doubt mind get in the way of heart-feeling. If that is operative there is a chance to go past illusory confusion and tap into a reservoir of hereto unknown pathways you may just have to go down.

I’ve got an idea…… sit down across with someone and play “New Years Free Association”. The key here is not to think. Just look at someone and say the first thing that comes into your mind that might be in the arena of want you want from the New Year. It might be better just to start off with free association shorthand, keeping it down to just two words: More this, less that, be this, give this, learn that, world peace, more food, less hunger,play marbles,make babies, space voyage, kayak trip, lose weight, gain weight, don’t know, find direction, better eyesight, eye exercises,get laid, not me, run for congress, establish a food bank, make bundles of money to give away, get to know your inner stock broker, finish the gawl dang website!!!!…… See? We are already growing into more than two worded intention. Free association at it’s finest. It is important to answer your partner back right away and not get lost in the brain closet. So let er rip. It could get scary, and you might end up somewhere in a neighborhood you never knew existed. But you have the whole rest of the year to find your way out. And hey- you might just not want to leave there anyway.

thanks for taking some LIP from me,


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