Allow me a simple statement. I would be painting whether or not it was a means of making some groceries.

That being said, groceries just don’t jump in the cart- nor do the means for purchasing them just jump into your wallet.

As a faux finisher I had a client who was quite succesful in his software business. He said that if he wasn’t marketing at least 25 per cent of the time, it would always come back later and bite him in the keester.

Not having painted for a while, and working on a series in a technique that is time-consuming, doesn’t exactly allow for volumes of new work to offer to you interested people who open the pages to my website or LIP. Even though I wish I had a bit more at this stage to offer the art world, things are what they are and that should not be a hinderance to the necessary satellite art of SSP. (Shameless Self Promotion).

So following the advice of my old client, a new business card has been born which will actually be passed around by hand here on Kauai. But to those of you out there who I will have the pleasure of shaking hands with electronically, here is my card. Feel free to stop by.

cut this out and make copies for all your friends

thanks for taking some LIP from me,


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