Quan Yin progress photo 7

Trust is a big word for having only five letters. Faith falls in the same category. Those are western words, easily understood by most of us even if not altogether felt at times.

I however, like the word ” prapriti” a Sanskrit word or term for what translates to “falling forward”. Great visuals are conjured up there. I have heard it used in several ways to describe letting go into the moment, forgetting what fear or assumptions are holding you in place. Things aren’t figured out, in fact the act of knowing is set aside and you fall forward into doing, going past your self in that act.

I bring that up in this LIP as the analogy came to me while I was beginning to paint the lotus petals on the base of the Quan Yin statue. Drawing something out and applying color are two quite different things and frankly my eyes were just not cooperating with my hands as I was trying to figure out my color placement on the petals to be. Finally I just gave up trying to figure it out, picked one spot to start on and complete to an acceptable degree and just let the process unfold. Lo and behold it looked like a lotus petal. The base is far from done but it is uncorked. A head trip no more.

For some spiritual practitioners falling forward is completely a moment to moment practice, allowing whatever is going to happen unfold, not knowing and not manipulating the situation. That doesn’t mean discrimination doesn’t come into play. In fact it naturally happens as small mind, gives way to present feeling.

My Spiritual Master, Adi Da Samraj, once summed it up concisely when he said, “It’s a Mystery anything arises at all. You might know about something, but you don’t know what it is”. In the profundity of that state, natural intelligence and discrimination blossom. Great plans are not necessary.

That really is a juicy topic to write about and I hope do to do so soon. However it is late tonight and I am falling forward into bed. Goodnight, all.

Thanks for taking some LIP from me,


One thought on “Prapriti

  1. Hi, Vanessa has a suggestion. Considering the amount of light behind Quan Yin, you should entitle the paint (hold your breath) “Enlightenment”!
    No need to thank us,

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