Butterflies and Tree Trunks

When last we were in the same electronic room together, I was eagerly anticipating an inside day of painting during an extremely wet outside day of storm.

The storm won however and I spent a lot of the day outside, dealing with drainage pipes, gutters, wood floors flooding and enjoyably taking a lot of photos. Quan Yin, ever patient in stone in Hanapepe, has had to wait a bit longer on the easel.

The last few days were clean up, tune up and lotsa green waste runs to the dump. And more rain just for spice in the mix.

But today was pretty good, enough sun to remember what that is like. The ever pleasing butterflies were back also, visiting one of their favorites rest spots on the Monarch Migration Hi-way, the crown trees at the 140 House.

Butterflies just love those crown trees. Who can blame them? They eat, and rest and make whoopee then eat some more, rest some more, make more whoopee, lay a few eggs and sionara. Off to somewhere else.

I would wager they’ve got the address of the 140 House and photos posted on Utube for all their buds to find. At least on one of their Facebook sites. As a result of all that whoopeetime there will be soon be a bunch of caterpillars on the crown tree which would now be serving as one giant cafeteria as the guys load up, wrap themselves up and go through the mind-boggling metamorphosis into a butterfly. Very inspiring that little trick of caterpillar to butterfly. Reality TV sure has jumped on that theme.

An item the storm left behind which isn’t going anywhere too soon is one big ass tree that went for a wild ride down the Wailua River and got tossed out on the S turn below the Sanctuary. You woulda had to a been there to really appreciate but I threw in a pic for the non believers. The river just carved itself a new bank during that downpour.

One reward of finally getting inside for a period of time was sorting through my inventory of Kauai photos.
I rediscovered one that had to put in the painting queue after Quan Yin is finished. It is of the first sugar can processing plant on Kauai. It kinda reminds me of something Monet might paint when he got tired of all those waterlilies. Don’t ask me why, it’s just a silly feeling. It is more of an abstract image rather than a historical scene- all buildings and part of the plant but great shapes of cylinders, squares,, semi-circle, angles and such. And not a water lily in site. But somehow I know Claude would approve.

Thanks for taking some lip from me,


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