Anybody Seen My Ark?

river 2

Rain? You want rain? Boy do we have rain. The wettest storm of the year is hammering Kauai right now.
Umbrellas and slickers are your closest friends without a doubt. I take that back. A good roof over your head is a far better ally.

Earlier today I was able to overlook the turbulent, chaotically swollen Wailua River as it came blasting down from Mt. Waialeale. The sheer force and speed was completely electric, ecstatically overwhelming. Now as I sit warmed by the flickering light of the computer screen, listening to thunder and witnessing sheets of rain, I am most happy to have an indoor project for a guilt free, no way I can do anything outside kinda day.

Quan Yin is progressing, the first layers of sky surrounding her. A little atmospheric finessing and I will be into the statue itself today, lost to the world as if I had slipped down the jungle cliffs into one helluva fast moving river. Most fortunately that was not the case, but when you are close to such a magnitude of natural brute force, it sure takes the edge off of supposedly being close to the top of the food chain.

Give me my brush, let sleeping kayaks lie I always say.

Thanks for taking some LIP from me,


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