Facing the Facebook

This will be brief as I am in the middle of an existential emergency. At the behest of my web designer who is putting the finishing touches on THE website, I joined the Facebook culture.

Now keep in mind, as patterns go, my patterns tend to be not so social. Small crowd person, don’t like being in the middle of a spotlight, etc. And now suddenly there is a tsunami of people just waiting to connect with you over the internet. Tis a bit overwhelming for us recluse types. Almost like deciding to go skinny dipping in the Central Square fountain. The idea takes a bit to get used to.

So I should be embellishing my Facebook page. Indeed I will as it is a good avenue both to touch base and to share my artwork with people and friends. Looks promising.

But I need to stage a radical procrastination. I am not going to electronically rub noses with the pod tonight. Give me my archaic roots. I’m going to read a book instead right now. Books are nice to hold, too.

Tomorrow is soon enough to open the drapes in my new apartment on Facebook avenue. Maybe you’ll be out there on the lawn having an intimate picnic with several thousand Facebook friends. See you there.

Thanks for taking some LIP from me,


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