hoops 2

Unlike our German friend to the  left,  I just don’t feel like jumping thru hoops at the moment.  So doing a lot of writing  is a hoop whose flame will go out today without a lot of thru traffic.

It is  raining steadily here on Kaholalele Rd.  Locals are bundled up ( i.e. wearing  long sleeves ) as a nod to the seasons shifting ever so slightly. Except for my neighbor, Chris, who in the six years I’ve lived on this street, have seen him wear a shirt- oh,  maybe five times.  He works for the county too, so that is quite a trick if you can pull it off.  He must save a bundle on laundry soap.

The heaviest things to lift today is a paint brush.  It is getting close enough to Christmas to start  and finish painting  the icicle decorations on the Aloha Theater.

May your hoops be of your own choosing today.

Thanks for taking some LIP from me.



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