A Friendly Case of Schizophrenia

eddie bauer opens up

eddie bauer opens up: 36 x 48 mixed media, 2000


The web site construction is still constructing, obviously on island time.  I asked the web designer ( the contractor) just how long it will be.  She must have worked in General Construction because whenever I ask her that she says “two weeks”.  I worked in the trades for many years and “two weeks” were the most quoted words on a project.  Undoubtedly it is the single most important question asked in any  state contractors license  exam:  Question 34)  When a client ask you ( the contractor) how long before any part of the project will be done you say-  a) I don’t know.  b) Sorry I lost my calculator, I’ll have to get back to you.   c) I’ll ask  my ( fill in any subcontractor’s  name here )  and get back to you.       d) Two weeks.  If you guessed  D, you are right!  You get your license.  No other questions need be answered correctly.

One pleasurable result of  this current website construction was reviewing my past artwork that will be included. Whereas now my chosen painting modality is a hyper-realism style, my past works were abstracts, very much a different birthing process not to mention end result.

No need to get into why the change, we’ll save it for another  LIP,  but suffice it to say that I had a long break between painting styles.  When I started up again it was realism that got the enjoyable nod.

While continuing the larger exterior canvas paint job of the 140 House today, I had the idea of putting together a show combining both styles.  Pretty simple actually.  On one side of the gallery ( left side)   hangs the realism paintings.  On the other side of the gallery ( right side), are the abstract pieces.  Abstract painting A is what I feel when I look at Realism painting A.   Goodly amounts of wine at the opening would aid greatly in  the viewing process of course. You would need to stand in the middle  of the room, looking right and left, left and right, right and left,  in active contemplation. It would look like a group of arty people watching a tennis tournament.  Now we are approaching interactive installation art. Cool.

Perhaps the show could be called  ” A Friendly Case of schizophrenia”.  What do you think?

You can write whichever one of me you think you should and we’ll get back to you.

Thanks for taking some LIP from me



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