Do You Suppose?

Yes, there has been no progress on small canvas painting today and precious little on the larger painting project of the 140 House.  The countdown is on  till the website is ready for birth, but all that was quickly forgotten when I was panicked into writing something for this LIP by what I think may be a clever WordPress conspiracy. Certainly nothing evil, mind you, no government is in danger here.

But, bear with me on this.  The more people write in their LIPs the more people read them, the more people read  them the more people see the advertising, the more people see the advertising the more advertisers want to advertise, and thus more money in the WordPress coffers.  More power to them.  E-commerce is easier on the back.

Therefore, “They” have a vested interest in keeping  “us” posting.

Picture this-  WordPress advertising management types are sitting around the table after much caffeine,  cooking up ways to help us stay forever  inspired in our  posting, thus insuring an interesting, well-travelled  e-life for posters and surfers, thereby maintaining their share of the digital advertising cosmos.

Maybe,  just maybe, one of the dialogues goes like this:

Idea Person-  “Got a fresh one, here”

Rest of ’em-    “Good, we’re running out stimulants.”

Idea person-  No, no Speedy, I mean,   a fresh idea.  How’s this?  We’ll do a chart to graph the number of hits on a person’s post.  Sure, we can simply put numbers down but that is too easy to abstract yourself from.  We can really get their attention with a graph. Grab them by the visual shorthairs.  Make it visceral.

Rest of ’em- “Keep talking… Can someone order out for bagels or something? Maybe some tahini to go on them.?

Idea Person-  “What strikes fear in a person’s heart quicker than another Bush in the Presidency?   Seeing a chart  plunging downward. It looks like the stock market went off the cliff again and everything you own is  suddenly going to hell in a hand basket.

Rest of ’em- “So?”

Idea Person-  It’ll kick in the survival instinct big time …. Holy  crap!!!  MY chart is plunging. Quick!! Gotta do something now…. people aren’t looking at my posts,  I am not loved, I am not approved of, I am no longer significant. I will certainly never get laid again. What to do ….. Oh I know!! I’ll write something, anything, I’ll post that photo of Auntie’s cat again,  I mean, people say I look like that actor, so maybe a photo of me at a restaurant….  I can write about what  Meghan McCain  said on twitter. I could go twitter and tell people about my LIP site.  I could twitter about Meghan tweeting.    I wonder if I could post a picture of a twitter? ……  Get it?  Post or die.  It’ll keep them on that keyboard treadmill for hours, guaranteed.

Rest of ‘ em— ” Idea Person, you’re a complete sicko”

Idea Person–  “Thank You, I feel loved again.”

I admit that most likely  this isn’t the reason for that great graph of how many people visited your sight today.  But it got me to post again. Did anyone notice?

Thanks for taking some LIP from me.



2 thoughts on “Do You Suppose?

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