The Secret of the Geckos

The Aloha Theater painting that has been  glacially  progressing continued to languish on the easel today, almost as abandoned as its real life counterpart in sleepy Hanapepe.   I’ve  been working on a larger canvas lately, The 140 House.  No need  to get into it,  just know it is rarely called,  “my” house, or  “our” house or even  ” home” on any kind of  regular basis.  It’s just called the 140 House.  It works.

If you want to get popular with  neighbors, friends and roommates in a hurry,  paint your house.  Especially if it looks like what inspired the set designer for District Nine.  The 140 House has for a painfully long time sported this classic  aluminum siding, tastefully colored  in a  toothpaste mint green, enhanced by a rich patina of Hawaii mold,  which lends  just that right shading of  yellow green to the mix.  This  contrasts  nicely to the white trim with its  bold,  deep, green black  growth , placed  around the house with an  artful flourish.

As is normal during  a radical environmental event such as painting,  small creatures get displaced  by  large rolling objects coming at them-not to mention getting gassed  by a zephyr of ammonia spiked paint fumes.

Spiders,  nest building mud wasps, countless ants, and of course geckos are the main refugees.

In Hawaii,  geckos are common inhabitants in the nooks and crannies of our architectural lives.  People like ’em. They eat  mosquitoes like potato chips and you haven’t lived till you seen a small gecko making a meal out of those insanely large cockroaches that like these kind of wet places

Geckos have this kind of chuckle that they let rip periodically. It is humorous.  People consequently want to assign them a  mystical anthropomorphic quality, because they chill out and seem to understand it all enough to laugh at whatever IT  is.

But I know the secret of the geckos. Why they let go with this happy laugh.

They poop a lot. I mean A-LOT.  Guess you would too if you ate that many mosquitoes and polished em off with a nice fat roach dessert.  Think about it now-  when you come out of the bathroom after a particularly satisfying cathartic experience,  it is, well…satisfying. Could even make you conditionally happy for a brief moment.  Hell,  I’ve seen my brother come out of the john looking like he’d just been canonized.  Beaming like a saint.

I say every time a gecko lets go  with that little chuckle, he’s  just left a  gecko loaf somewhere.  And believe me,  geckos chuckle often and with vigor.   Anyone who has done any kind of spring cleaning will tell you there are always tons  of gecko gifts to deal with. They are not so humorous then, ha, ha.

You keep releasing your  internal stress that much and you’d be laughing  all over the place, too.  So there you go.  The secret of those happy, chuckling geckos.

Hey,  it  IS  a good idea !  No, not eating mosquitoes and depositing leftovers everywhere.  Don’t even go there.   But….why not  practice release ?  Breathe in the good, breathe out the bad kinda stuff, take a hike, punch a bag, paint an abandoned theater, whatever…..  Go ahead, give it a shot. Try to keep it legal though.

If it’s good enough for geckos……..

Thanks for taking some LIP from me.



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