Don’t know something today.

Happy Discovery Day.

While exploring the new territory of  WordPress and what it has to offer neophyte LIPpers. ( life in progress reporters), one of my stops was at the  most popular site of the day.  Actually there were 100 or so sites posted.  Very few it seemed were from on your street types, for what it’s worth.

It’s good to stay abreast of things around you, near and far.  Otherwise you or your friends could end up as someone elses dinner. That is deep DNA ness.  It is also undeniable that personal and collective emotional growth  benefit greatly from interaction.  Yet seeing all the sites and banners and colors and things you just gotta know, the question arises,  “How much do you have to know?”  Why do so many want to give you such overwhelming  opportunity to know so much?            Do the Amish know something we don’t and are not posting it at WeareAmishanddon’thaveawebsite. org?

Too much knowledge is constipating.

Thankfully, graciously, Nature loves balance, always moving to equanimity.  And yes, we are Nature also.

I have  a simple equaniminous suggestion you just may need to know….. don’t know something.

Engage some form of art today that loosens your mind. Preferably obliterates it, actually. It doesn’t necessarily have to be dramatic or shocking art. Seductive works too.  Musical, visual, literary – go for it.  Hey! What’s that? Not in control? Can’t figure it out? Just feeling, not thinking it all through?   Feels good, doesn’t it?

Thanks for taking some LIP from me.



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