The Roxy Hula detail 1Hello e – travelers.

Welcome to my LIP. Although this site will center mostly around  my artwork, influences and thoughts there-in, I gotta be up front and say that one of my internet oriented  motives is to undermine the word “blog”.

Never liked the blog word. It sounds too much like someone sneezing on you, or accidentally spitting on you when  they are over the top exited and talking two inches away from your face.  Or when that special friend who  had too much red wine walks up to you and blogs all over those  new white tennis shoes. ” Hey! you in the beater Toyota who just cut me off and didn’t use your bloggin blinker— Go blog yourself!”

Blog is just not a classy word.  A blog on it I say.

Let us use  “LIP” – life in progress-  a new vernacular  Trojan Horse to undermine the blog word.  And yes,  I had to get a blog site to do it.

Artspeak time.  Currently my website is being constructed and will be out there soon.

I seem to have squeezed into a niche of not quite photo-realistic paintings. Call them semi-photo realistic or as a friendly to my art LA art critic described them: hyper- realistic.

They are of humanscape scenarios around  Kauai Island, Hawaii where I live and work and paint. I call them humanscapes because they are not  landscape paintings of sweeping panoramas, moonlit beaches and fiery volcanoes. They are of that great  sign you missed as you drove too fast through the intersection, or the convenience store that just happened to have the best shadows and light in the world washing over it as you  drove by  without your damn camera.  Or of an abandoned art deco theater in not quite so abandoned Hanapepe.  So  honestly speaking, there really isn’t a lot of “hyper” in them. Or Hawaii for that matter.  Let’s just say when the web site is out  (soon)  you can take a look and determine just what type of realism category you might care to over-analyze the paintings into.

Thanks for taking some LIP from me.



One thought on “LIP

  1. I like it! Anxiously awaiting the web site. I like the hyper realism label better than other descriptions I’ve heard. Good luck with this.

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